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The Cosmetic Company Store in Arvin, CA

We recently completed this Cosmetic Company Store at the Tejon Outlets in Arvin, CA. This store features an open ceiling concept and an outlet mall design. The location of this store is rather remote and far from metropolitan areas which was an obstacle that we were able to overcome. Due to the location, finding subcontractors willing to travel can be difficult. Luckily we have an extended reach of subcontractors throughout the United States that we were able to access and utilize for the completion of this store.

The Cosmetic Company Store is an outlet store owned by one of our longstanding clients, Estee Lauder. At this store shoppers can purchase a wide variety of Estee Lauder products from a variety of Estee Lauder owned brands at outlet store prices.

We look forward to continuing our long relationship with Estee Lauder.

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