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Eloquii at Lennox Square in Atlanta, GA

This week we were proud to open the doors to our completed Eloquii store at the Lennox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA. This is the first store that we have ever built for Eloquii, however, Bonobos is a sister company of Eloquii and we have built over ten Bonobos stores in the past three years.

This store has a very simplistic design which is a unique quality for a retail store. There are 11-foot ceilings inside the space, spacious fitting rooms, and a lounging area to provide extra comfort for shopper's while they are trying clothing on.

The staff at the store is very knowledgeable on how clothes should fit and they do all they can to ensure that customers look and feel good in their clothes. Staff at Eloquii will take your measurements and curate outfits specifically for you. If the store does not have the size you need in stock, they will have the correct size shipped to your house within two days.

Every Eloquii store has a different design and look to it, so we got to work closely with the design team to ensure the store was built to match their vision. Throughout the building process, our partners at Eloquii had a very realistic view on what it takes to build a store. They really understood the challenges and trusted us to get the store completed and open on time.

Our project manager on this store said, "I am proud that we were able to open the store on time. Everyone from the construction team and the store staff was so excited with how well everything turned out."

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