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Kiehl's in New Orleans, LA

This past weekend we were thrilled to open the doors of our recently completed Kiehl's store in New Orleans, LA. This storefront features a unique street location right off Magazine Street, as well as a modern exterior design.

Hard wood floors and thin brick back wall finishes can be seen on the interior of the store. A glamorous chandelier can be found hanging from the ceiling and fun designs decorate the walls. The signature Kiehl's vintage motorcycle can also be seen located in this store. With this store included we have been able to partner with Kiehl's in building over 30 stores.

Kiehl's specializes in selling nature inspired and scientifically formulated skin care products. They curate products for both men and women with all skin types. They sell skin care products ranging from shave creams to cleansers, serums to face masks, and moisturizers to anti-aging creams.

We had the opportunity to work with a combination of new subcontractors and long-time subcontractors. We would especially like to give credit to one of our long time partners, American Contract Flooring and to one of our new subcontractors, Case Industries.

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