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October's Very Own in Chicago, IL

October's Very Own, or OVO, began as a record label founded by the well-known rapper and R&B singer Drake. While it is still a record label, it has also evolved into a trendy streetwear fashion brand. While most of the sales are done online, there are a select few storefronts in popular cities.

OVO Storefront at 9 Walton in Chicago

OVO is a boutique styled store that focuses on a one-on-one experience between guests and employees. Each of their stores possesses a very simplistic and modern look. To maintain this aesthetic, only one of each product is kept on the sales floor. If a customer would like to purchase something, an employee will retrieve it from the back room.

This was the first collaboration between National Contractor's and OVO. Setting up a boutique retail shopping experience on a street front location on Chicago's Gold Coast comes with challenges. We worked hand in hand with 9 Walton to ensure that the construction did not disturb any of the residence of the building.

Inside Look at the OVO Chicago Location

We were very proud to work alongside some of our long time Chicago subcontractors like Rex Electric, Lakewood Carpentry, and Unconventional Flooring. They stood out to us on this specific project because of their excellent teamwork and ability to work with design changes. We were also proud to have 14-year NCI Superintendent Jim Hill working hard on this project for us.

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