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Bonobos in Cincinnati, OH

Back in July of 2018 we were thrilled to unveil this Bonobos store in Cincinnati. The project had a few hiccups to overcome, including a permit delay which resulted in leaving roughly 80% of the work for the last two weeks of production. We were very proud to have completed this job on time and turned over on schedule.

At the time of this project, a group called 3CDC was taking over historic buildings in urban areas throughout Cincinnati and converting them into high-end apartments, offices, retail spaces, and restaurants. This specific Bonobos store is actually located in one of those historic Cincinnati buildings!

The front ten feet of this store, the brick wall on the interior, and the storefront are all original. However, the rest of the build out is new construction. This transition and combination of dated architecture with newly built architecture made for difficult code compliance. The storefront was not modified at all though, only refinished to maintain the original charm of the building.

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